Do you know what the letter A stands for in the acronym LGBTQIA2+ ? You are about to learn more about asexuality. No, not sexuality, but asexuality.

We talk less about it, but asexual people exist and their reality is totally valid! What is asexuality? Is it OK not to have sexual desire? Explanations.

I turned to Liza, an asexual person in order to collect her testimony and learn more about asexuality.

A few facts about asexuality that I learned from my discussion with Liza:

  • An asexual person is someone who feels little or no sexual attraction.
  • For several years, Liza kept her sexual orientation a secret, since she thought it was very rare, that there were maybe two or three other people in Quebec who were going through the same thing.
  • Yet, she claims that there there are up to 5.5% of asexual people in Quebec.
  • Asexual people may or may not have had sexual experiences: they are not waiting for “the right person.
  • Asexual people are not “short”.
  • When we talk about having little or no need to have romantic connections, we are talking about aromantism. Be careful, it is not a question of “feeling nothing”: an aromantic person can still want to give affection and tenderness.
  • A common misconception is that an asexual person will never find love, although emotional attraction and sexual attraction are two separate concepts. An asexual person may experience romantic feelings and may want to start a family.
  • A person can be both asexual and aromantic, or they can be aromantic and feel sexual desire.
  • Asexual people use the term “ace” to talk about asexuality.
  • It often happens that an asexual person is forced to choose between their couple relationship and their own sexuality, fearing to lose their partner.
  • It is still difficult for asexual people to be accepted by certain organizations or therapists.
  • The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) created by the American Psychiatric Association categorizes sexual interest or desire disorder as a problem unless you choose to adopt the label “asexual.”
  • It is almost never explained by therapists that it is normal not to feel sexual attraction!
  • Until recently there were conversion therapies, as was the case for gay or bi people who need to “cure” their sexual orientation.

The life of an asexual person

I asked Liza how she self-identifies when it comes to sexual identity. Liza replied that she is queer, but if we go into the details, she is a cisgender, biromantic and demisexual woman.

On a daily basis, the fact of affixing all these labels adds additional stress to him, in addition to putting limits on his sexual identity. And be aware that … more

Are you born gay or do you become one? Since it became possible to do so, thousands of researchers have looked into the question of the cause of homosexuality. Although several hypotheses have been made, almost no concrete results have been established. Why continue to persist in answering this question, you will tell me? Simply because sexology, which is a social science, borrows characteristics from more traditional science. And human beings seem to want to know everything, understand everything and analyze everything. Here is an overview of what emerges mainly from research on sexual orientation .

The biological hypothesis of homosexuality

First, let’s be clear. Researches are unanimous, there are no “homosexual” genes . The first theoreticians of sexuality had an essentialist vision of eroticism. What does it eat in winter? According to this view, an individual’s eroticism is like a survival instinct stemming from nature that must not only be controlled, but must also feature in heterosexual monogamous reproduction.

Biological theories explain that homosexuality would be, among other things, caused by a hormonal modification caused by stress during pregnancy. A shock suffered by the future mother could cause a slight hormonal imbalance in the embryo and thus modify its sexual orientation . The unusual development of masculine characteristics in the fetus could be explained by too great a variation in androgen during pregnancy.

Environmental explanations of homosexuality

homosexualityBeyond the explanations offered by biologists, others are looking at how sexuality manifests itself as a social construct. In this then constructivist vision, a person’s eroticism is seen as being plural and changing over time and able to exist in an infinity of amorous or sexual configurations. According to social theorists, sexuality is greatly influenced by the environment. A homosexual experience during the period of awakening to sexuality, an absent father, an overly present mother, etc.

Some even mention that wanting too much to please a cold and absent father, a boy will want to reproduce this scenario with the male sex once an adult. The woman of homosexual orientation, meanwhile, would have been marked by the image of a man who was too intimidating. Its comfort would then be transposed to women and this need for security would have been sexualized at puberty.

An unnecessary explanation

In all honesty, writing these lines, I wonder about the need to understand where homosexuality comes from . To me, it’s like researching left-handed people further. Who has ever wondered about the plausible explanation of being left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous? And why do some like strawberries while others prefer blueberries? Because they have a “blueberry” gene? Because they have brothers who love this fruit? Because they had a bad experience with their right hand?… more

We’ve already told you about how female hormones don’t just influence the menstrual cycle ; in fact, they are an important factor in overall health.

But how much do our hormones fluctuate during our menstrual cycle and what impacts do they have on us ? It’s quite fascinating to see all their power.

What is the mission of the menstrual cycle?

All the changes in hormones during the menstrual cycle have only one purpose: reproduction . Every month, almost without exception, the body prepares for pregnancy, even for those who will never have a child in their lifetime.

Understanding your cycle better means learning more about yourself, if only to be better able to prevent pregnancy , or to promote it .

First phase of the cycle: menstruation

woman periodWhen your period begins (the first day of your cycle ), the two main female hormones are at their lowest.

This is what causes bleeding and other related symptoms (cramps, headaches, etc.): the sudden reduction in estrogen and progesterone levels in the blood.

During menstruation, the uterus sheds the thick lining it had accumulated in the previous cycle in anticipation of pregnancy.

And while the body is bleeding, the next ovulation is already preparing! The ovaries and pituitary gland will release follicle stimulating hormone (HSF) . This allows one follicle (a tiny pocket of fluid that contains the immature version of an egg) to grow more than the others.

Slowly, after a few days, the ovaries begin to produce estrogen again.

Second phase of the cycle: preparation

During the days following the period, estrogen continues to rise gradually, then reaches a peak. When this peak occurs, a few days before ovulation, another hormone suddenly kicks in: luteinizing hormone . This appears in a rapid and brief thrust; in about a day it will be gone. But yet it is very important: it is what tells the growing follicle to release the egg. It is therefore the hormone that predicts ovulation. As the body prepares to ovulate, this is the only period of the cycle when testosterone increases . Many people believe that testosterone is reserved for men, but women also produce it, in lesser quantities.

Why is it higher just before ovulation? Quite simply because it is associated with the libido ! We remember that our body is focused on reproduction at all times, so it’s full of meaning. So just when we’re fertile, hormones make us want to have sex.

Other physical and psychological changes, subtle but still present, occur during this period: women often report feeling more confident, more sensual, more determined, more sociable, more impulsive, their skin becomes more dewy, their hair is shinier, etc. Incredible, isn’t it?

In more

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